“Excellence Initiative – Inclusive Municipality”

“Excellence Initiative – Inclusive Municipality”

A two day’s workshops for developing the needs assessment and implementation plan were held in the four municipalities of Excellence Initiative: Obiliq/ Obilic, Gjakove / Dakova, Shtime/ Shtimlje, and Podujeve / Podujevo.

The workshops objectives were to draft together with the main municipal officials (Mayors’ Cabinet, Administration, MEDs, MOCRs, CSWs, Regional Reintegration Coordinators, School Directors, CSOs representatives, etc.) the framework of needs assessment and implementation plan through identifying the needs and priorities and the role of main stakeholders on educational reintegration and social inclusion, especially of repatriated children, ethnic communities, and children with special educational needs.

The GIZ project “Capacity Development in Basic Education in Kosovo (CDBE)” – component on educational inclusion of returnees and ethnic minorities, as part of the German Cooperation support to the Kosovo education sector reform supports the “Excellency Initiative – Inclusive Municipality” activity in partnership with the Ministry of Education (MEST).



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