Concept of peer to peer psycho-social support in schools

Concept of peer to peer psycho-social support in schools

On Friday, 7th of September 2018, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, more specifically CDBE – Component on educational inclusion of returnees and ethnic minorities held a meeting with school directors, pedagogues and psychologists to present the concept of peer to peer psycho-social support groups in the schools.

During the opening speech, the manager of the component Ms. Sophie Meinke explained that peer to peer support groups were established to help school staff to better respond to their own needs/cope with daily work & better respond to pupils needs. The meeting was then followed by a presentation from education expert Ms. Zana Dobruna who presented the initial needs assessment conducted by psycho-social experts in the field. Furthermore, she listed the needs addressed during the field cycle and the topics which the engaged psycho-social experts have delivered and plan to deliver during the upcoming phase.

GIZ on behalf of German Cooperation through will continue further with psycho-social support to the school staff in the project municipalities until December 2018.

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