Study visit of the PCE to Albania

Study visit of the PCE to Albania

Based on the mutual Memorandum of Understanding signed between GIZ and the Committee for Education, Science, Technology, Culture, Youth, Sports, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PCE) in the beginning of 2018, GIZ CDBE programme has committed itself on supporting PCE in getting the best practices from other countries related to the Laws being currently reviewed by PCE.

In this regard, GIZ CDBE has supported a study visit of the PCE to Albania from 23rd to 25th of April 2018 with the aim of ex-changing with Institutions in Albania in regard to their legal basis and practices in Education Inspection and textbooks. The study visit team was composed by 7 Parliament members and  supporting staff, Head of Education Inspection (MEST) and representatives of GIZ CDBE.

During the study visit, the team meet several relevant institutions such as: Ministry of Education and Sports in Albania and the National Inspectorate of Albania, and had the chance to exchange on the legal basis in regard to the school textbooks and the education inspection. The ex-change and discussions from the meetings were considered also during the internal meetings where the relevant issues were taken up and reflected into the draft Law on  Inspection  of  Education.     

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