“Excellency Initiative – Inclusive Municipality”

“Excellency Initiative – Inclusive Municipality”

On 25 April 2018, the information meeting was held to promote the new initiative “Excellency Initiative – Inclusive Municipality” of the GIZ project “Capacity Development in Basic Education in Kosovo/CDBE” – within the component on educational inclusion of returnees and ethnic minorities, which is part of the German Cooperation support to the Kosovo education sector reform.

GIZ CDBE in partnership with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is launching an open call for the 13 project municipalities, directed to the majors of the 13 project municipalities. Two municipalities will be selected and supported in 2018, and depending on funds, two more in 2019.

The purpose of the initiative is to enhance the cross-sector collaboration and mechanisms to improve educational inclusion of vulnerable children and returnees.

Participation in the Excellency Initiative will have benefits for the municipalities such as: expert-support, exchange platforms, material incentives for schools, and other.

The deadline for application in an open call is by 31 May 2018.




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