Certification Event on the training “Supplementary Language Classes for returnee children”.

Certification Event on the training “Supplementary Language Classes for returnee children”.

On 6th of April, German Cooperation together with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), held a Certification Event to certify 12 MED officials on the training “Supplementary Language Classes for returnee children”.

The event was held in MEST premises and it was opened by a speech from Mr. Avni Rexha (Head of the Division for General Education) who explained the results of the training for the participants. Further, Mr. Rexha informed the participants that the first training of the trainers on the program “Supplementary language classes for returnee children” was held on November 2017, where 12 MED officials have been trained to become trainers in their municipalities. The training was followed by a successful process of accreditation. In addition, Mr. Rexha explained that this training now falls within the responsibility of the local level, the trained MED officials are required to further transfer the knowledge in the schools of their municipalities. Mr. Avni Rexha thanked Ms. Sophie Meinke and Ms. Zana Dobruna from German Cooperation for the support given for the development of the training, its implementation and accreditation.

His speech was followed by Ms. Sophie Meinke ( Head of the Component for Inclusive Education –CDBE) who thanked everyone for the will and motivation to attend and participate actively in the training. Ms. Meinke further explained the support that the component will give in regards to the training. The support  to conduct a second training which will include the rest of MED officials from the municipalities which did not participate in the first round and also the support to possibility amend/edit the respective text book.

The dedicated trainers Ms. Flora Kryeziu (also co-author of the book) and Ms. Shyhrete Alaj, who played a crucial part in the whole process of the training and accreditation, also thanked all the participants for their constructive contribution and engagement and encouraged them to share the knowledge further in their municipalities. After the speeches the certificates were distributed to the participants. The participants were then invited for a joint lunch to celebrate for the achievements.


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