Youth Multiplier Certification Event

Youth Multiplier Certification Event

On Friday, 30th of March from 13:00, in Prishtina/Pristina, German Cooperation together with the Peer Educators Network (PEN) NGO held the Youth Multiplier Certification Event to certify youth for their engagement in implementing Development and Social Cohesion activities in 12 project municipalities.

The certification event aimed to look back at the engagement of youth multiplier in their municipalities as agents of change and to publicly share their reflection on the concepts of inclusion, volunteer work, giving back to the community, peer to peer education as good practices to be further multiplied in the community.

During the event, Youth Multiplier groups from 12 project municipalities presented their work through visuals – presentations and videos which showed clearly that they have implemented impactful initiatives with children of the basic education age-group. The initiatives that were implemented by the youth multipliers varied from cultural, educational, leisure, and sport activities with children and young people in the community. These initiatives brought together children and youth returning from migration and promoted social inclusion. Planned activities have enhanced their capacities (e.g. communication, decision-making, negotiation, leadership, perseverance, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and self-efficacy), and they have also contributed to a renewed sense of importance in education in general.

100 Youth Multipliers organized more than 50 activities that instigated new friendships between pupils aged 6-15 years and at the same time promoted diversity and social cohesion. These initiatives have reached in total 1954 youth and pupils.

To strengthen the idea of youth participation –empowerment and democratic values, youth were invited to vote and select the best group among each other. Therefore, youth after having seen the presentation of their peers where asked to vote against a set of criteria for the best three groups. An independent panel also voted against the same set of criteria for the three best groups. The score of both Youth Multipliers and Independent Panel were summed up to derive to the three most voted groups.

A final public event will be held on 16th of May to present the activities and engagement of the Youth Multipliers and to promote the approach publicly, strengthen and enable the networking with public institution decision – makers, and to allow the chance to individually showcase the result of each group. In the final event three winning groups will be notified on their awards.

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